Stainless steel knitted mesh

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Stainless steel knitted mesh refers to knitted mesh made of stainless steel wire. It is a nonwoven wire mesh or cloth product. The stainless steel knitted mesh is the most widely used type among all material knitted meshes.

Stainless steel knitted mesh can be made of mono-filament or multi-filament. Mono-filament knitted mesh is the simplest type, which can be used in the common applications and the multi-filament knitted mesh has higher strength, which can be used in the heavy duty applications.

The stainless steel knitted mesh is manufactured using a knitting process where the mesh is formed from a series of interlocking loops. The original stainless steel knitted mesh is flattened when complete production, but it can be made into ginning knitted mesh by machine according to customers' requirements. Ginning knitted mesh has different shapes, width and depth of ginning, which can suit more applications. Additional, stainless steel knitted mesh can be compressed into compressed knitted mesh for better filtering efficiency.

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Steel Wool

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Product Description Steel wool is a very versatile material and can be used for a variety of household, remodeling and construction tasks. Homax Steel Wool, Super Fine, Grade #0000 is made of uniform, high quality metal strands. Use Homax steel wool for cleaning, polishing, buffing and refinishing. It's perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors.

Features & Benefits Grade #0000 Super Fine Steel Wool Uniform, high quality metal strands Gentle abrasiveness Flexible to reach in and around corners Cleans metal tools, instruments, windows and glass 12-pack

Uses Smooth wood, lacquer, varnish, shellac and polyurethane Remove finish Buff furniture and woodwork to a high luster using wax or oil Clean precision tools Degloss painted surfaces

About tekpun For over 30 years tekpunhas been providing home improvement solutions that make complicated, time consuming projects, faster and easier without compromising results. Simply put, "we make tough tasks easier". Both professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers look to us for innovative products that help to create a better home. We work hard to understand your needs so the products we offer…work for you

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